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Q: What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

A: QuickBooks Remote Access is a secure service that allows you to access–and work on–everything on your PC from any other computer with an Internet connection. Powered by Cisco WebEx, QuickBooks Remote Access enables you to quickly and easily access your QuickBooks, email, and other programs and documents from anywhere, any time.
With QuickBooks Remote Access you can:

  1. Transfer a file, or a whole folder, between computers.
  2. Copy and Paste between remote and local PCs.
  3. Easily print documents from your remote PC to a local printer.

QuickBooks Remote Access is available in two versions: full desktop access for $7.95/month or QuickBooks data access only for $3.95/month.

Q: It is difficult to get started?

A: Setting up your QuickBooks Remote Access is easy and automated: you're ready to go in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Download and install the software on the computer(s) you want to access. You can email your clients an invitation to set up their computer online to allow remote access–no need to travel to their office!
  3. Login at from another computer to access your computer.

Q: What versions of QuickBooks work with QuickBooks Remote Access?

A: QuickBooks Remote Access is available only for QuickBooks software for PCs running Windows 95, 98, ME (Millennium Edition), XP, 2000, NT, or Vista. QuickBooks Remote Access does not work with QuickBooks: Pro for Mac. It also does not work with QuickBooks: Online Edition, which provides remote access functionality for up to 20 users without the need for QuickBooks Remote Access.

Q: Is QuickBooks Remote Access secure?

A: Count on QuickBooks Remote Access to provide multi–layer protection with application–level access control. All the data transmitted during a remote access session is encrypted using industry standard 128–Bit SSL. QuickBooks Remote Access is firewall friendly and can work through ports 80 and 443, the standard ports for HTTP and HTTPS–based communications. These ports are already configured to permit traffic in almost all firewalls. Because additional ports do not need to be opened in the firewall, the security of corporate networks is not compromised. For enhanced security, QuickBooks Remote Access has two–factor authentication: to access your remote PC, you need to provide a login username/password and access code. The access code for each PC can be unique.

Q: What are the system requirements to use QuickBooks Remote Access?

A: QuickBooks Remote Access has no special system requirements beyond those that QuickBooks requires. If you have QuickBooks already running on your system, you will be able to install and use the QuickBooks Remote Access features with no additional system changes.